13 Voronezh Chess Festival 10-21.06.2009

International support of 13th Voronezh international chess festival!

Organizers of Abu Dhabi chess festival (UAE) - partner of Voronezh chess festival (Russia) - offer the winner of Master Open-2009 special invitation to participate in 18th Abu Dhabi chess festival (12-20 August 2009) with full board (lodging & accommodation).

GM Dmitry Andreikin from Ryazan (Russia) having the highest ELO from all participants (2625) won the rapid tournament with 7 points of 9. (Final standings) (Some pictures)
There are 95 participants from 9 countries in the main tournament "Master Open", including 27 GM, 2 WGM, 24 players have ELO higher than 2500.

There are 113 participants from 3 countries (Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) in the second tournament "FIDE Open", including 92 players having FIDE ELO rating.

June 17 GM Denis Khismatullin from Ufa (Russia) won the blitz tournament with 9 points of 11. (Final standings) (Some pictures)
June 19 there was a chess match between school teams of Voronezh and Chicago organized by the famous international chess organizer Mikhail Korenman. The score is 8:6 (Voronezh won). Later festival referee Sergey Fomin played simultaneous games agaist Chicago scoolchildren and won 6:1 (draws by Layton Cobb and Jeff Olarte).
June 20 FIDE Open tournament finished. FM Timur Ponomariov (Voronezh) won the event with 7.5 points of 9. Among prize winners there are players from Voronezh (10), Stavropol region (3), Bashkortostan(3) and other regions of Russia. One of junior prizes was won by Korlan Rysbaeva (Kazakhstan, Almaty), and women won 7 of 28 prizes. (Final standings) (Some pictures)
June 21 Master Open tournament finished. Eight grandmasters finished with the same result - 6.5 points of 9. GM Alexander Rakhmanov (Russia, Moscow) won the main prize, GM Igor Lysyj, GM Dmitry Andreikin, GM Valery Popov, GM Dmitry Kokarev, GM Sergey Volkov, GM Denis Khismatullin, GM Dmitry Bocharov won the following places. (Final standings)