Fourth Voronezh Chess Festival 10-21.06.2000

Open A leading scores:

1.    D.Chuprov                                    - 7,5 of 9 
2-5.  O.Maiorov, E.Somkin, E.Egorov, V.Grebionkin  - 7
6-12. D.Chuprikov, V.Yandemirov, N.Looshnikov,
      R.Ovetchkin, V.Shtyrenkov, A.Khmelnitski,
      A.Korobov                                    - 6,5

There were 137 participants from 10 countries in Open A, including 3 grandmasters, 20 international masters.

Winners of all festival tournaments
Grandmaster Konstantin Chernyshov from Voronezh
Voronezh politician Sergey Rudakov rendered organizers a great assistance
Mother and her son participated in the same tournament
Foreign chess tourists (Aard Daaned, Netherlands and Tomas Lang, Switzerland) are not disappointed