Third Voronezh Chess Festival 12-20.06.1999

Open leading scores:

1-2.  S.Dyachkov, A.Vaulin                           - 7 of 9
3-12. G.Kiselev, K.Chernyshov, A.Panchenko, 
      A.Shestoperov, O.Burlai, E.Alekseev,
      I.Gulkov, A.Volodin, D.Rodin, S.Sergienko      - 6.5

There were 118 participants from 8 countries, including 2 grandmasters, 18 international masters.

In the tournament hall
Leader are playing
IM Valer Krutti (Hungary)
F.Kuznetsov (Moscow) was the oldest participant
An interesting game: a mexican brunet vs a russian blonde